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Exciting news in the Jessi Bond world, folks. I just got a package of proofs for Treacherous Curves: Blackmailing the Billionaire, which will be my very first book available in print!


It’s not even available for sale yet, but I am going to give away two of them! They will be autographed! And personalized, if you want. All you have to do to enter is sign up for my newsletter.

That’s right! IT’S SO EASY. I will pick a winner randomly from those who subscribe between now and Monday, December 3rd. Rest assured that I will keep your email address 100% private and will never ever give or sell it to anyone. I’ll be sending out monthly updates on my new releases, recommended reads, and all kinds of special exclusive content just for subscribers! So even if you don’t win, you still win. Kind of.

(Other than these monthly newsletters, plus the very occasional special bulletin, I promise I will not email you. I am way too busy to spam people, especially my lovely loyal readers.)

So sign up! Tell your friends! I’m sick of these proofs burning a hole in my pocket.

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